SEP 25, 2020
This snail mucin skincare product sells every 20 seconds in the UK COSRX’s Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence promises to boost the skin’s glow, improve its texture and reduce any signs of ageing.
SEP 4, 2020
12 Face Mists To Try If You're Feeling The Heat Ahh, CosRX, the creators of our favorite pimple patches and snail mucin essence. If you are looking for a simple, limited ingredient and soothing face mist, the CosRX Centella Water Alcohol Free Toner is the one for you.
JUL 8, 2020
This Lightweight Moisturizer Has Healed My Blotchy Summer Skin It’s no secret that Cosrx makes some of my most tried and true skin-care products — its Snail Mucin Essence and AHA Whitehead Power Liquid have remained staples in my routine for years.
MAY 27, 2020
Could SNAIL SLIME give you glowing skin? Emily Ratajkowski swears by this $19 mucin essence that promises to help create a soft dewy complexion Snail mucin (aka snail slime), the external bodily mucus produced by snails, is a skincare ingredient - and a beneficial one at that.
AUG 11, 2020
What Our Editors Are Buying From Dermstore's Anniversary Sale 2020 Dermstore, known for its selection of skin care and makeup products, just launched its 21st Anniversary Sale, which means you can save up to 25% on select beauty brands through Aug. 17 when you use code CELEBRATE at checkout. The discount depends on the product, and prices are marked as is.
APR 27, 2020
Emily Ratajkowski Swears By This Niche K-Beauty Ingredient For Stressed Skin The snail product she showed off was by Cosrx, a Korean beauty brand that has a string of formulas featuring snail slime.
APR 14, 2020
These Affordable Pimple Patches Are Working Wonders on My Stressed Skin Cosrx’s Pimple Patches. Since my usual combo of acids and creams weren’t doing enough, I wanted to treat each spot directly, giving my skin the most targeted treatment available outside of a derm appointment.
AUG 31, 2020
Cosrx Snail Cream Is the Only Product You Need to Hydrate, Smoothe, and Brighten Skin Unless you’re a beauty fanatic, skincare is the last thing that comes to mind when someone mentions snails.
AUG 14, 2020
8 skincare products James Welsh swears by The skincare enthusiast and YouTuber is known for his honest reviews, in fact he told us his ultimate goal is to review every skincare product going (which might take some time).
JAN 15, 2020
The 12 COSRX Products Every Skin-Care Fiend Should Have It’s wild to think that just as recently as three years ago, COSRX — the hugely popular Seoul-based brand now sold in Urban Outfitters, Ulta, and Ricky’s — was known only by U.S.–based skin-care sleuths (the folks like me who lurked around the r/Asian beauty subreddits, YouTube, and blogs like Fiddy Shades of Snail).
JUN 14, 2020
The Best Skincare Products To Try From COSRX Every time we run a skincare survey on Cosmo Mixers (our fun Facebook group which you should totally join), Cosmo Girls never fail to mention that they're using a COSRX product. In our kikay conversations with friends, this K-beauty brand is always top of mind, too! In the name of ~beauty~, we just had to investigate. Here are some reasons Pinays love COSRX products so much.